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Department of Spatial Planning

Recognition of academic achievements

Recognition of study achievements from abroad

Prof. Dr. Zimmermann can give an assessment of the recognition of study achievements in Module 17 Spatial Planning International of the Bachelor Spatial Planning and in Module 1 of the Master Spatial Planning.
Formal recognition is the responsibility of the Examination Committee.

(Module 24 or 12)

The head of the research group Prof. Karsten Zimmermann is the module supervisor for the module Studium Fundamentale (Module 24 or 12).

The Studium Fundamentale offers students insight into foreign subject cultures and places a special focus on interdisciplinarity. The courses of the different faculties deal with topics of social relevance. Students can choose from a range of subject- and/or interdisciplinary in-depth, activity- or qualification-oriented courses.

After successful completion of the module, students have built up an understanding of issues in other sciences. They are enabled to communicate with students and teachers of other subjects about their own subject culture and to see and classify their own in the context of the other. In addition to broadening the educational horizon, the acquisition of key competences is also possible. Due to the fact of the free choice of courses, self-organisation and initiative are promoted in the study programme.

The 6 CPs are achieved by attending two courses designated for the Studium Fundamentale. Any combination is possible, but one of the two courses must be taken in a faculty other than one's own. The Studium Fundamentale can also be completed abroad. In this case, we recommend an early arrangement (i.e. before or during the stay). Both courses are completed with a graded examination. Examination modalities are to be indicated by the respective organiser. The completion of both courses is shown on a module certificate issued for the Studium Fundamentale.

For the recognition of study achievements in the Studium Fundamentale, please enter the following information in addition to the
certificates of achievement (if possible with a description of the achievement,
seminar plans, etc.), please hand in the corresponding form to the EPK office.
If you would like to receive credit for courses you have taken outside the Studium Fundamentale
you would like to receive credit fo
Recognition of achievements outside the Studium Fundamentale

If you would like to have courses that you have taken within the Studium Fundamentale
within the Studium Fundamentale:
Recognition of achievements within the Studium Fundamentale